12 October 2017
Space planning is the core and starting point of any interior design, and is the allocating and dividing of the interior space to meet the identified requirements of businesses and homeowners.

Efficient use of space is a not only a cornerstone of good commercial interior design, it’s a cost-saving necessity in today’s office rental market as well-organised use of the office’s footprint saves companies thousands of Rands monthly.

Companies evolve over time, with an ebb and flow of employees (as well as departments) affecting the productive use of the floor area. New additions tend to be “tacked on” wherever a free desk exists, but this often comes at the cost of optimal operations.
Skilled interior design looks to the core daily operations and needs of an office, and structures the space to deliver healthy and efficient workplaces. Taking the latest information technology into consideration is key to creating contemporary spaces that add to business capacity and capabilities.  

Space trends driving today’s workspaces:
1.       The staggering growth in communications and operations mobility is shifting the traditional office environment: cubicles, offices within the greater office, and even     dedicated desks are all falling away as today’s employee can often execute their job just as effectively outside of the office.
2.       “Hoteling” or renting a desk/space for only the time and duration needed is becoming a norm, as is increasing access to integrated technologies within the             workspace: think WiFi and ample power outlets for quick connections and multi-media capability.
3.       Flexible layouts and future-proof design ensures that office spaces can shift to suit whatever the task at hand may be, with spaces that lend themselves to multi-   functional, on-the-go-collaboration being ideal.
4.       The well-being focus includes bringing outdoors inside: plants and natural areas create oases of calm and double up as space dividers, in addition to releasing     much-needed oxygen into the office interior.

Shimwell Designs are experienced at reconfiguring layouts within the office space to meet any spatial requirements. Our green leanings mean we reuse existing furniture as far as possible, in addition to seamlessly integrating existing pieces with new acquisitions.
Our technical qualifications include interior architecture, project management, and quantity surveying to deliver accurate cost-estimates and execution of design that makes best use of the office space. 
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