29 August 2017
Enhancing your brainpower on the job is now a reality: a recent US Universities’ study found that air quality and reduced chemicals exposure in the office space has a profound impact on productivity.
Energy-efficient and green buildings enhance indoor environment quality by maximising use of natural resources like sunlight and fresh air through careful office design. The study* found that modest improvements in ventilation, and reductions in exposure to chemicals and CO2, effected big changes - cognitive performance scores of participants in the ‘green+’ office were double those of subjects in the conventional office.

Our Top 3 tips for cleaner, greener offices:
1.      Seeing clearly
Reduce the amount of incandescent and fluorescent lightbulbs: replacing these with LEDs or natural light is a great start to minimising chemical exposure in the work space.  Daylight increases productivity, and exposure to sunlight helps office workers sleep better at night, so make the most of this natural resource by positioning desks close to windows. As an added bonus, views of the natural environment have been proven to help with concentration, while providing a calming visual input.
2.      Deep breathing
Passive ventilation systems rely on exterior building design and opening of windows to provide fresh indoor air; mechanical systems utilise power, and carefully planned ducts to create through-flow of air. Office efficiency studies allow better positioning of your human resources to avoid areas prone to stagnant air, and can help pinpoint areas which could use a breath of (natural or automated) fresh air.
3.      Climate change
Too hot or cold, and productivity can fall by the wayside. Blinds made from environmentally-friendly materials, external louvres, and indoor plants are three eco-wise methods to beat heat in summer or welcome in some winter warmth while scrubbing CO2 from the indoor office.
As a Green Building Council SA certified team, Shimwell Designs can provide expert office environment analysis, and help you in designing a healthier, happier workplace. 
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